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A Message From Greg Gilman

Hello everyone. My name is Greg Gilman, and I am running to be your next republican state representative for District 68 in Montgomery County.

I am a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 and currently work at Fort Campbell, KY as a contract helicopter instructor. I have proudly called Clarksville my home for the past 37 years.

I am not a career politician, and that’s precisely why I am running. Our district needs fresh perspectives and real change, not more of the same old politics.

My career in the military has taught me the importance of service, dedication, and putting the needs of others first. I want to bring those same values to our state legislature.

Our district’s first issue is the lack of infrastructure improvement and progress. Our roads, bridges, and public facilities are not keeping up with the rapid growth in our community.

The primary reason for this stagnation is the lack of oversight and proactive planning within the Tennessee Department of Transportation, largely due to insufficient attention from our state legislature.

Tennessee is one of the top three states experiencing the greatest influx of people. This is largely because we have no state income tax, making us an attractive destination for new residents and businesses.

With this growth comes increased pressure on our infrastructure, which has not been adequately addressed. This impacts our daily lives, from traffic congestion to the quality of public services.

I will advocate for stronger legislative oversight of the Tennessee Department of Transportation to ensure that infrastructure projects are prioritized and completed efficiently.

Implement strategic long-term planning to accommodate future growth and ensure that our infrastructure meets the demands of our expanding community.

Hold state agencies accountable for delays and inefficiencies in infrastructure projects.

Transparency and accountability will be cornerstones of my tenure.

At 66 years old, I understand the unique challenges faced by our senior community. Ensuring that our seniors have access to quality healthcare and services is a top priority.

I will work to improve healthcare accessibility and affordability for seniors, ensuring that Medicare and other support services are effectively meeting their needs.

Advocate for increased funding for senior services, including transportation, housing, and community programs that enhance the quality of life for our elderly residents.

Many politicians stay in power too long leading to stagnation and a lack of new ideas. By electing me, you are choosing a candidate who brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to real change.

As someone who has lived here for 37 years and understands our unique challenges, I am committed to putting our community’s needs first.

I am committed to staying connected with the community and being accessible to all constituents. I will hold regular town hall meetings and be available to listen to your concerns.

As a veteran, I understand the importance of supporting our servicemen and women. I will work to ensure that veterans in our district receive the benefits and support they deserve.

Together, we can ensure that Montgomery County’s infrastructure supports our growth and enhances our quality of life. Let’s bring the change we need by electing a committed representative to serve the community.

Thank you for your time, and I humbly ask for your support and vote in the upcoming election. Let’s build a better future for District 68, Montgomery County, and all Tennesseans.