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The Issues

INFASTRUCTURE: This is the number one hot-button issue here in MONTGOMERY COUNTY. There has been very little improvement in decades. If you have lived here for any length of time, you have come to realize the time you spend sitting in traffic. “We are living in an infrastructure crisis”!

The reason nothing gets done is bureaucratic inefficiencies as well as a lack of oversight of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). Add to this, the relationships formed over the years of working with the same politicians make it harder to demand accountability from the TDOT directors. 

TDOTs answer to fix this is the Transportation Modernization Act (TMA). While I applaud the initiative, and it looks great on paper, that doesn’t do much to help residents today. It’ll remain to be seen if this act gets anything done promptly.

I will help TDOT help us by guiding them through unnecessary regulations and demanding constant updates on progress with ongoing and future projects. I have much more information on this subject that I can share one on one or in a “Town Hall” setting. 

TERM LIMITS: On April 11th the Tennessee Senate passed HJR5, a resolution applying for a national convention putting term limits on the US Congress. While I applaud this effort, I was disappointed by not seeing a companion resolution for the Tennessee House and Senate. I will press for term limits on day one when I am elected. 

On that same subject, given budget constraints as well as constant government growth, we must look for department ineffectiveness/inefficiencies and find ways to streamline state agencies to work quickly.

EDUCATION: I support parents having options when it comes to education. I do think we need to invest in vocational/Trade schools, or getting these fields taught in existing schools. With ever-changing career landscapes, students need options that will help them succeed. I believe in parents’ rights to ensure we are teaching our children what the parents want. If local school boards cannot accomplish this, it is up to the state to step in and foster an adequate and appropriate learning environment.

TAXES / FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Tens of thousands move to Tennessee every year. We must continue projecting increased requirements in all facets of government services as well as health care to meet this demand. Tennessee does a good job of balancing the budget, we will need to look for responsible avenues of revenue to meet these demands.

SECOND AMENDMENT: I am a strong supporter of this very important constitutional right. I will always support Tennessee being a “free” and “self-defense” state.

I will support the state of Tennessee in filing a lawsuit against the ATF on the brand new “Gun Sale” rule that can, in many instances, make it a crime to sell any of your firearms, even to a firearms dealer. 

I’m a member of TFA, FPC, USPSA, and NRA. 

RED FLAG LAWS: I do not support Red Flag laws. We’ve heard about too many abuses that have been caused by these laws in other states. The governor’s proposal leaves too many questions unanswered. The Governor did sign an executive order on 12 April 24 expanding background checks. However, it does very little in reporting mental health issues that would prevent someone in crisis from purchasing a firearm. 

FIRST RESPONDERS: I will always support funding first responders to the maximum extent. Training is the most important aspect in this field. I will look for funds to help develop the safety/training complex in Montgomery County as well as CPD, EMS, and Fire/Rescue. We need more funding for all the volunteer fire services in the county as we experience this fast-paced growth outside of the city.